CEO Success Demystified

Everything successful leadership has taught us

The Board and the CEO matter. Their impact is vast and everything from the result of their organisation to the individual success of its people depends on their effectiveness – short term and long term. Consequently, the cost of their failure is extraordinary, but so are the opportunities that can be realised by securing effective Boards and CEOs. And if these opportunities are to be realised, it is essential that the Board and CEO can be successful in the specific context of their organisation and its needs.

In extensive research conducted by MU, Board Directors and CEOs confirm that they expect and need more professional and objective service from their Executive Search partners and that the candidates put forward lack diversity. They also state most development work with Boards and CEOs does not offer business value. It is clear that a more reliable way of selecting and developing Boards and CEOs is required.

Conventional Executive Search approaches are not effective in predicting which CEOs will succeed or in assembling Boards that are successful. Only 50-60% of CEO and executive leadership appointments succeed.

In our “CEO Success Demystified” series, experts from the MU Board & CEO practice will advise you, step-by-step and based on personal experience, how to successfully select and develop Boards and CEOs. Download all articles here. 

MU provides a reliable alternative for Board and CEO acquisition and development. Our experts advice, based on MU Leader Selection Science®, leads to improved performance and diversity of leaders. Your organisation will outperform when an MU Expert partners with you to acquire your Board and CEO and advise on their effectiveness and development. Find out more about our science-based approach to the effective selection and development of Boards and CEOs here.