Richard Moore

CEO and Partner

Richard is MU’s Chief Executive Officer. He has worked in our MU team for over 23 years, as a Delivery Expert, MU Consultant and leader.

As a consultant, Richard specialises in the field of Board and CEO effectiveness, leader selection, leadership coaching and Executive Search – working with individual executives, teams, and organisations worldwide. He has worked with owner-founder run firms, global corporations, and international public sector organisations in a broad range of contexts.

Richard holds an MSc in Psychology and is a Certified Mercuri Urval assessor, leadership coach and team coach. Richard also works with the MU Research Institute and has developed several tools and methods for the evidence-based selection and development of leaders in an organisational setting: MU Leader Selection Science™.

Richard is a regular speaker and writer on the financial and organisational benefit of selecting and developing leaders based on science – with a focus on increasing leader performance and diversity.