Becoming Partner

Why wait 10-15 years to become a Partner when you have the right talent to become one
when you are able? 

The opportunity to become Partner

As a colleague with us, you have the opportunity to become Partner. In June of 2016, our previous founder and owner donated the company to a Foundation, Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval, in order to ensure a long-standing, secure development of the firm. The next step in our development has now been taken as the company's most successful employees begin to be invited to become Partner. As a Partner with us, you become a co-owner of our global organisation.

We regularly bring our Partners together in order to further strengthen our expertise and build even stronger, international networks. In the videos below, some of our newest Partners share what the partnership means for them.





The process to be appointed Partner is transparent and the requirements are known in all parts of our organisation. A significant and sustained individual contribution, as well as a long-term commitment to the organisation, are necessary requirements. Other criteria include consistently enacting Mercuri Urval's values and a continuous contribution to the organisation's development and capital structure, beyond personal performance. The Nomination process is driven by Partners acting on behalf of the Board of the main owner, Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval (the Mercuri Urval Foundation) and is independent of company leadership.