Leadership that executes your strategy

Our Leadership Assessment ensures your organisation outperforms, now and in the future

Organisations exist to create results and leaders impact results most. We help you to select, evaluate and develop your most valuable assets – your leaders.

Mercuri Urval´s Leadership Assessment solution builds on a science-based methodology. The solution is unique and delivered by certified experts authorised by Mercuri Urval. It distinguishes itself on the market by its strong anchoring in the client´s unique context and plans, as well as in its accuracy in the predictions made.

Your strategy and your required leadership are paramount. We work alongside you to assure that you have the right leaders in place to succeed."

With our Leadership Assessment solution you will;

  • Secure both the short-term and sustainable results you need.
    Select leaders that perform from day one and follow-through.
  • Outperform over time by having the best leaders in your organisation.
    Secure successful leader potential in your organisation long-term.
  • Use the most accurate predictive methodology available.
    Our advice is scientifically underpinned, has validated success, and is quality-certified.

Mercuri Urval´s Leadership Assessment is built on fact-based analyses, systematic evaluation of data, and information​​ to predict a leader´s success in a position both short-term and long-term. Track record, personal capabilities, and motivation is analysed and evaluated as the basis for this prediction.

Read the words of our CEO Richard Moore
Introducing MU Leadership Assessment: A stronger prediction and more reliable leadership advice

Mercuri Urval Leadership Assessment

At Mercuri Urval, we have the organisation, expertise and methods to deliver world-class Leadership Assessments, no matter where in the world you are located. With the help of our reliable Leadership Advice and Assessment, more than 90% of appointed leaders meet or exceed expectations*.

  • A Leadership Assessment process executed by us builds on a context and situation-specific analysis and gives a recommendation suited to your needs. We secure that we understand your leadership needs thoroughly. Our proven expertise and methodology in translating strategy to capabilities has helped 1000’s of different clients globally to outperform.
  • We use unique and scientifically underpinned methods and tools, covering all needed aspects of the assessment. Everything we do is scientifically underpinned and backed by data. We have had a research tradition for more than 50 years, including more than 1 million assessments performed.
  • Our quality is well documented and externally validated. We meet the highest standards of ethics and data security. Our delivery is audited continuously internally and externally. Our quality is certified according to the ISO 10667-2 standard. We offer exceptional quality and consistency.
  • We provide you with reliable advice on what decision to take regarding leadership. We will always give you firm advice on how to go forward. Follow-up data show that we get it right in over 90% of the cases. That is industry-leading.
  • Our Leadership Assessment provides accurate and sustainable results securing the highest ethical standards. Through its scientific foundation and development based on our experience from client work, the Leadership Assessment solution ensures accuracy, fairness for all parties and reduces bias. The solution guarantees equity of all parties, fairness and is non-discriminatory.

Global & Digital Leadership Assessment

All our services are possible to deliver fully digital. Our ways of working are shaped to meet the demands of the modern workplace – the whole world, and every challenge it presents to us.

Successful appointments through a fully digital process

Meeting candidates in person is sometimes not an option, but it has never stopped Mercuri Urval. Every year we successfully help our clients find, assess and appoint leaders, all without a single handshake or face-2-face meeting.

Our Online Psychometric Assessment is performed in the comfort of the candidates’ homes, through our ISO 10667-2 approved assessment methodology.

  • Virtual offices and meeting rooms that are always available
  • Digital approval of documentation
  • Online Psychometric Assessment

Why choose Mercuri Urval for your next Leadership Assessment?

Mercuri Urval Leadership Assessment is a high-quality process, with scientific methods that are unique and assured. Our proprietary procedures are assured to be an ethical, reliable, high-quality basis for decisions about the leadership at work.

We rest on more than 50 years of experience and knowledge of the leadership needed to succeed in an organisation’s specific context. We know how specific behaviour impacts your results. We will help you secure the leaders you need to get results.

Trusted Leadership Assessment Experts

  • Our Leadership Assessment and Leadership Advisory consultants are experts in organisational and leadership issues
  • Expertise in Leadership Acquisition and Advisory, working together in client teams in more than 60 countries

Extensive track-record in Leadership Assessment and Leadership Advisory

  • 1000s of clients across all sectors worldwide
  • Trusted Experts fully committed to improving client results through effective leadership

Unrivalled method

  • Our methodology is Quality Assured, including ISO 10667-2 standards
  • Proprietary procedures that are assured to be an ethical, reliable, high-quality basis for decisions about the leadership at work
  • More than 90% of executives we recommend succeed*.

* Reoccurring validation studies, annually audited by DNV-GL

Responsible consultants:

Ricky Foo

Partner & Director (Team Leader)

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Responsible consultants:

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Partner & Director (Team Leader)

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