Professional Services

Invested in leveraging your human capital

Companies need to build – and sometimes rebuild themselves – in order to achieve sustainable success whilst serving their customers and clients.

Financial & Professional Services (FPS) is a large sector both in the OECD economies and emerging markets. It comprises a wide range of businesses in banking, insurance, accountancy, law, asset management, venture capital, private equity and management consultancy. Mercuri Urval has built strong teams of professionals in our markets, with significant service industry experience. These teams also carry out cross-border projects on behalf of our clients.

Assessing competitors and potential partners

Mercuri Urval's core competence – assessing the skills and potential of individuals and teams – can also be applied to competitors or potential business partners. In recent years, we've undertaken numerous management audits and organisational due diligence procedures relating to Merger & Acquisition transactions before initial public flotations.

Mercuri Urval has built its expertise in the financial sector with major banks, saving banks and venture capital houses. We've also worked with consultancies in the areas of business and technology in order to develop the right talent for your business.