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Widely cited research confirms: 40-50% of leaders fail soon after appointment 

Today it is clear, that securing effective leadership is one of the biggest challenges organisations face. 

Comprehensive and repeated research studies show conventional Executive Search, recruitment, development ideas, and methods are often unsuccessful. Despite the many excellent professionals working in the industry, 40-50% of leader appointments fail, and CEOs regularly complain that less than 10% of their leader development expenditure delivers business value.

Even more worryingly, as the difficulty in selecting and developing leaders increases, success rates are deteriorating.

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Our expert formula for success at work – MU Leader Selection Science®

Our experts have a unique way of working. We call it MU Leader Selection Science®. It is the Mercuri Urval way of working that reassures that our experts provide Reliable Leadership Advice™. The goal is sustainable leadership success, organisational outperformance, and inclusive workplaces. To secure this and continually improve we conduct validation studies on our performance, and conduct extensive quality assurance activities – including external verification to ISO 10667 standard (the industry standard for effective and ethical work in leader selection development). Our MU Research Institute conducts this work and continually develops our services, methods and expert certification procedures to assure MU Leader Selection Science® is applied. Our validation work shows a success rate of more than 90%.

Mercuri Urval's solutions build on a science-based methodology and quality-assured execution. Our solution is uniquely tailored for you and accurately predicts who will be the next leader of your organisation. We rest on more than 50 years of experience and knowledge of the leadership needed to succeed in an organisation’s specific context. We know how specific behaviour impacts your results and will help you secure the leaders you need to get results. 

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We are born in science, with over 50 years in business 

The Mercuri Urval way of working was born in the 1960s. Scientific researchers worked with organisations to investigate how their results were impacted by people. Guided by science, they discovered how to effectively increase business results by substantially increasing the accuracy of employee selection. The purpose of Mercuri Urval was, and remains, to increase success at work through effective and accurate selection and development of leaders. 

Mercuri Urval never participated in conventional Executive Search approaches. We chose to pioneer a science-based approach to finding, selecting, and developing business leaders -  MU Leader Selection Science®.  

We analyse your needs and then find, select, and develop the leaders that will ensure you outperform – in all industry verticals and in the public sector. 

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About Mercuri Urval 

Mercuri Urval is a global Leadership Acquisition and Advisory firm. Our experts provide science-based, precisely tailored, quality-assured, and ethical Executive Search, Professional Recruitment, Leadership Assessment, and Coaching services in partnership with private and public sector clients worldwide. 

We exist to make sure organisations outperform through diverse and sustainably successful leadership. Our expert teams operate worldwide; wherever our clients need us, we are there. 

MU experts share how they bring success at work through the use of MU Leader Selection Science®