Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Pick up the talent innovation calls for

The technology, media and telecommunications sectors are developing at a relentless pace. As these global markets evolve, converge and grow, companies require constantly updated capabilities and talent in order to keep pace. Some businesses in these sectors have undoubtedly been the winners in the war for talent – until now.

This talent could be a new breed of sales people providing clients with innovative, high value propositions; or a pool of experts who can keep pace with technological advances and then apply these advances to business needs. Whatever the function, recognising, engaging, developing and valuing thought-leaders as well as people-leaders continues to be a challenge for many in the sector.

Battling for market share, delivering innovative solutions

Telecom operators

While battling for market share, telecoms operators need to meet high customer expectations and comply with ever-changing regulations. Meanwhile, technology's next-generation infrastructure changes the nature and delivery of services. Operators must offer increasingly innovative and high-value services. Traditional revenue streams are under increasing threat from competition and de-regulation. Owning or buying infrastructure, creating value through managed services, winning the war for talent and creating more agile customer-centric organisations are key challenges for leaders across the telecom sector.

IT and technology suppliers

IT and technology suppliers are increasingly expected to develop and deliver cost-effective, innovative and technology-based business solutions. This means that systems integration expertise is essential. It allows clients to implement state-of-the-art technologies to achieve their business objectives and increase market potential. But what does tomorrow's customer look like? And how can these organisations differentiate, compete and increase their share of the profits?

The media industry

The media industry requires continuous innovation in managing and delivering today's media content. Over the past two decades, MU has built up its expertise in these sectors. When the internet boom started at the beginning of the nineties, our consultants went into partnership with new IT companies and strong state-owned telecom companies that needed to adapt their operations to a competitive market. Today we help clients understand the capabilities they need to get ahead – to monetize their content and take advantage of new channels and the rapidly shifting e-landscape.