Top name within the psychology field to join MU Research Institute

By Sofia Hjort Lönegård

The MU Research Institute (MURI) was founded by the MU Group Board to maintain and further develop the effectiveness of MU’s way of working as a science-based Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Firm. The institute operates as a separate body within the company and will further amplify the research and development efforts that MU has made for many decades.

The MU Research Institute will focus on developing and validating methods and tools aligning to MU Leader Selection Science® to ensure that MU services always will be effective for clients and meet the highest ethical and quality assured standards. Read more about the MU Research Institute.

We are pleased to share today, that the MU Research Institute is further strengthening their team with another top name within the psychology field – Anders Sjöberg. He will join the already established MURI Advisory Board, consisting of Roger Hagafors, Associate Professor and Chairman of the MU Group and Leif Carlstedt, Senior Professor and Advisor at MU RI.

Anders Sjöberg, Associate Professor, the Department of Psychology, at Stockholm University

It’s an exciting, evidence-based selection process you are working with at Mercuri Urval, and I hope I can bring in more information about the science and help strengthen it further.

Anders Sjöberg is an associate professor, with an PhD from the Department of Psychology, at Stockholm University. His background is as a researcher in work and organisational psychology. His work has been published in several psychological journals and books. In 2009, Anders Sjöberg was recognized by the Emerald Management Review as a co-author to one of the top 50 scientific management articles of the year.

The research conducted today by Anders Sjöberg is in personnel selection, personality and intelligence. He teaches courses in personnel selection, economic utility analysis and psychometrics. He is also a Fellow of the Swedish Psychological Society, and have been working as a member of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association’s (EFPA) Board of Assessments for many years. He has also developed psychological assessments for both development and selection, and adapt both clinical and educational tests for psychologists’ in the Nordic markets. In 2018, Anders started the Assessment Engine project, an assessment service that delivers technology based psychological assessments in the areas of interest/motivation, personality and intelligence. He is also co-author of the book "Personlighet i arbete" published by Natur och Kultur in year 2020.

Anders was a member of the ISO Project Committee (PC230) for ISO 10667 (Assessment service delivery – procedures and methods to assess people in work and organsational settings), and was a member of the drafting committee for the Standard. Anders has for many years worked as a personnel selection expert for Swedish authorities such as the Swedish prosecutor's office, the Swedish Police Forces, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Security Service.

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