Transport & Logistics

Your route to the right talent

In a modern society, we're all dependent on efficient and effective logistics. Every day, millions of trucks and trains transport goods between companies, cities and countries. Transport companies, distributors and third-party logistics companies are facing health, safety and environmental challenges, low margins and increasing climate change (CO2). At the same time, the transport sector has not been a winner in the war for talent.

The demands on the sector are ever-increasing. Cost differentiation, tailor-made value propositions and technological innovation are becoming increasingly important.

Sales and marketing staff in particular are increasingly stretched as the services sold become more and more tailor-made. This situation calls for multidisciplinary leadership skills and creativity in order to develop cost- effective profitable propositions together with the customer.

Effective transportation and logistics are of the utmost importance in the distribution of products. Distribution has become fragmented as internet-buying increases among businesses and consumers. This has increased opportunity, complexity and competitiveness in the sector.

Knowing where to find the right talent

Mercuri Urval uses every available channel to attract talent to this sector. In some cases, it's crucial to attract the best people from within the sector as in-depth sector know-how is vital for business performance. In other situations, we intentionally attract and select talent from parallel sectors in order to form new business units with fresh strategies, cultures or services.