Why Mercuri Urval?

Do you want a clear progression in your career and work internationally with a variety of people?

We take your career path to excellence

Talent without limits

Life at Mercuri Urval centres around value creation for people. Encouraged by talent without limits, we want you to evolve during your career and gravitate towards higher responsibilities. We also want you to grow with us, for us to grow together.

Whether you want to advance your skills as an Executive Search consultant to a Director (Team Leader) or take the role as a Client Director, Partner, Coach, Central Manager we give you a transparent environment to develop. When you want to focus on a completely different industry or move to another location - your talent will meet no limit.

Free-flowing global reach

Working in a company with international offices is not enough. At Mercuri Urval we are truly international. There are no borders in the way we work with clients or in our collaborations with colleagues. The nature of our work is becoming more mobile and flexible, where no day is the same as the next. Our offices act more as meeting hubs where you connect and learn from your colleagues. You should work wherever your talent takes you – do business wherever you are needed:

  • From your local office to our locations all around the world
  • From local clients to big global actors
  • Work with European candidates from the construction business in the morning, and with Asian candidates from the healthcare industry in the afternoon

Highest standards of all

Assessment quality

With the best toolkit in the industry at your disposal, you can build your client platform at any level. You will earn the right to be a trusted advisor by providing exclusive business knowledge and certified facts that will solve the specific problems your clients face. Working in accordance with our ISO 10667-2 certified processes and standards give your advice and delivery a quality that cannot be matched. As a part of the only global company in our industry with the ISO 10667-2, you can evolve your skills to become a trusted advisor who works based on evidence, scientific understanding of leadership and assessment.

Together with years of experience, an intensive effort in R&D, analytics and innovative ways to share knowledge, we uphold a high standard and intelligence to give trusted advice. From AI Sourcing to global management audits, we have the infrastructure you need to succeed. 

Client Close 

We take pride in making ourselves available to meet the real needs of people. This allows us to deliver sales par excellence, where you will meet a team who aims to win together and is always client close. With a positive energy and go get attitude among us, we strive for new heights as trusted advisors.

As a flat Swedish organisation, we enjoy sharing experience and knowledge throughout all teams and expertise areas. This means you will always be able to find support when needed. Building trust with clients, candidates and new colleagues is at the heart of our people-centred culture. Thus, you will experience a high level of involvement from day one and continuously be listened to when you have new ideas or constructive feedback.