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Guided by science and tailored to you

Comprehensive and repeated research proves that organisations that attract, motivate and develop the right people outperform those that do not. CEOs report that mainstream Leadership Development investment has very low – or no – Return on Investment (ROI).

Even more worryingly, as difficulty in selecting and developing leaders increases, success rates are deteriorating. Read more:

How can I ensure my people perform at their best?

MU Leadership Advisory experts ensure your organisation secure a performance edge. From working with individual leaders, to transforming an entire organisation, we deliver the solutions you need.

  • Assessment and development centres
  • Board evaluation and development
  • Leadership Audits
  • Coaching and leadership development
  • Executive Onboarding
  • Individual assessment for selection and development
  • Organisational Development
  • Outplacement and career transition
  • International Talent & Leadership Advisory

Each year our experts deliver thousands of MU Leadership Advisory, MU Leadership Assessment and MU Leadership Development Services for clients worldwide. We are organised as one global firm with talent and leadership experts working in all major markets worldwide. Whether you need a global talent management solution or want to drive change through your leaders across borders, we are ready.

Why choose Mercuri Urval for Talent & Leadership Advisory?

  • Trusted Experts, using science-based methods.
  • Extensive track-record, we provide 1000s of industry-leading solutions for clients each year – worldwide.
  • Approximately 25.000 times a year a Mercuri Urval Consultant assesses a candidate for selection or development with a success rate of more than 90%, placing us in the top percentile in our industry.*
  • Unrivalled and unique methods, powered by MU Leader Selection Science® 
  • Our methodology is Quality Assured, including to ISO 10667-2 standards; our experts are certified.

*Reoccurring validation studies, annually audited by DNV

MU Leadership Advisory: Organisational Analysis, Assessment and Leadership Audit

Whether you're talking strategy implementation, talent management or succession planning, it's almost always all about people. It's about identifying future capability needs, understanding your current capabilities, and addressing any gaps between the two. A Leadership Audit by Mercuri Urval takes place within the context of your specific business situation. When we assess your leaders, we evaluate their current capability and their potential to make your strategy work using the very latest science-based tools and way of working. That's why your business strategy is our point of departure, and why enabling your people to secure your results is our number one priority.  So, if you need to audit a global leadership team, or evaluate the competence within a specific business division, our MU Leadership Advisory Practice is your answer. Whatever your Leadership Advisory needs we deliver expert, ‘best-in-class', tailored services guided by science.

MU Board Evaluation

Effective corporate governance is high on every organisation’s agenda. Because the decisions your Board make determine the value of your company, the decisions you make when choosing and developing your Board also determine your success. Only a quality-assured and science-based approach can reliably secure success.

Mercuri Urval’s Board experts can provide an independent and objective evaluation of your Board. Continuous improvement is not just a subject for those working in your business – it is paramount for those who work on your business to improve it. Even the most experienced Executives must learn to manage with change, and thereby set an example for the rest of the organisation.

Simply describing what you have is not enough

You need to ensure the Board composition reflects the future business needs and Board effectiveness needs to be optimised.

Through our unique MU Leadership Assessment service our experts can assess how your existing Board Members or your potential Board Members will perform in the future, how effectively they will challenge their Executive, and how they will manage risk and secure a return on investment.

Our approach is always bespoke – precisely tailored. We address the issues you need addressing, for example:

  • What are the strengths and limitations of individual Board Members and of the Board as a whole?
  • What gaps and development needs can realistically be addressed?
  • What risks or opportunities are not being addressed?
  • How can your Board improve its performance?

Reliable evidence-based answers to questions like these ensure organisations take better advantage of current opportunities and plan their future more accurately. And whatever question we address with you, you can be assured of practical and actionable outcomes aligned with business needs.

The result of Board Evaluation

  • Clear and specific fact-based recommendations for each individual
  • Strategic insight: benchmarking the Board, understanding its strategic planning and risk management profile.
  • Board effectiveness development plan

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Responsible consultants:

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