MU is the best-known Executive Search company in Finland

By Sofia Hjort Lönegård Esko Oja

MU is the best-known Executive Search company in Finland, according to a recent study

MU has been named the best-known Executive Search company in Finland, and this is just the latest of external recognitions MU has received in the last years:

The study conducted by FEX Suorahakuyritykset Ry (Association of Executive Search Companies in Finland) describes the current perception of MU and other companies in our industry by customers. FEX Suorahakuyritykset Ry is a national trade association of well-known and reputable Executive Search companies in Finland, with 16 companies currently being members.

The study was conducted in August and September 2023 through telephone interviews conducted by Taloustutkimus. A total of 51 interviews were conducted. The interviewees were companies with over 250 employees, with listed companies being prioritised. Both the private sector and state-owned companies were included in the study. The respondents were CEOs, COOs, HR directors or managers, or board chairs. The study has incorporated parts of the AESC-Global Client Perspective Report 2023.

MU is the top partner for Executive Search

When asked about Executive Search companies, MU received the most mentions as the first Executive Search company that comes to mind. MU was mentioned as a knowledgeable, systematic, and good advisor.

Overall, we received the third most mentions. When asked about the customer experience, MU is described as a professional, large, and skilled company. MU provides valuable work and fulfils the customer promise.

Expertise and experience have the greatest impact on partner selection

14% of respondents estimated that the use of Executive Search services will increase in the coming year, while 86% responded that the use of services will remain at the same level.

The most important criteria in selecting an Executive Search partner are the consultant's and company's expertise and experience. Previously, the company's expertise has been considered the primary factor, but now the consultant's expertise has become the most important criterion. The next most important factors in selecting an Executive Search partner are the customer's industry knowledge and the pricing of the service. Long-term work, active communication, and doing quality work are rewarded with a satisfied customer and the satisfaction of a successful project.

Esko Oja, Partner & Team Director MU Finland:

"These recognitions are a testament to our unwavering commitment to bringing success at work to all our clients. Most of all it is a reflection on all our experts that together have established MU as a leading Executive Search firm in Finland and abroad. Because it is important work that our experts do - ensuring clients get more reliable advice about leadership so they improve results, and their people succeed at work – and I appreciate their hard effort. Thanks to our clients worldwide for their loyalty and trust which is enabling us to improve and grow."