KONE was recognised with the ‘Diversity Award for the Year 2023’

By Sofia Hjort Lönegård

On Wednesday the 31st of January, KONE, the global leader in the elevator and escalator industry was awarded the Diversity Award for the Year 2023 by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion.

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion is a non-profit expert organisation that promotes everyone’s opportunities to invest in shares, accumulate wealth and influence society as an owner. The foundation was founded in 1985. 

The competition was strong, and the jury selected the winner from candidates who were evaluated by MU. The evaluation covered nine dimensions of diversity work, including goals and monitoring, leadership roles, staff training, recruitment, and societal diversity programs. The award was presented on Wednesday at the Bourse Gala by Sanna Kröger, Principal Consultant at MU.

The Diversity Award was presented to Kone, where diversity and inclusion are integral parts of the company's values. Kone received the award for systematically and globally setting diversity goals for all its operational areas, thus having broad-reaching impact possibilities. Elevator and escalator manufacturer Kone was honored among large-listed companies with the Diversity Award for the year 2023. The jury recognized Kone's extensive promotion of diversity, including gender equality and other dimensions of diversity, and commended the company for its ambitious efforts.

Operating globally, including in developing countries such as China and India, Kone's influence on the widespread acceptance of diversity is exceptionally vast. The jury also highlighted the important role of leadership in promoting diversity, noting that in Kone, diversity is evident even in the composition of the board, with four female and five male members.

Previously, companies such as Konecranes and Nokia have been chosen as Diversity Award winners.

You can read more about the award on their website (in Finnish) here.