As participant in a Coaching Programme

The Coaching experience

Our Coaching programme is structured to optimise the connection between your organisation's strategic goals and your personal ambitions.

In practical terms, we design a bespoke, detailed programme for you, which focuses on your employer's overall objectives, while giving you the responsibility to reach your goals. This "hands-on" programme is aimed at motivating you and thereby accelerating your personal growth. You should find the process both supportive and stimulating.

The Team Coaching experience

Mercuri Urval's Team Coaching helps our clients build high performing teams, now and for the future.

We provide the focus, insight, support, skills and tools you need as a group to achieve sustainable results. Each tailor-made programme develops both team members as individuals, and the team as a whole.

At the start of the programme we agree on goals for your team, and the programme's effectiveness is measured against these.

Our team coaches are pioneers in the field, with a substantial bank of knowledge and experience. They are highly-qualified business consultants who have successfully coached teams of all levels and in different circumstances.

About our consultants' coaching role

In their coaching role, Mercuri Urval consultants act as a challenger, a source of expertise and a provider of feedback – always displaying confidentiality and neutrality. They are there to help you review your strengths and weaknesses and create and implement a realistic development plan.

Our coaches are experienced professionals drawn from 25 nationalities, and are accredited through Mercuri Urval's internal training and development. They combine their practical business experience with the best coaching techniques and coaching tools and adhere to clear industry-recognised international standards and ethics.

Our coaches ensure that the client's business needs determine the direction of the coaching session. And they are selected to accurately match the people they coach.