As Participant in an Assessment Programme

Participants find Mercuri Urval's assessment process thorough and intelligently analytical, producing accurate, objective and constructive findings.

Our individual assessment or capability review typically comprises:

  • An online completion of Mercuri Urval’s Personal Inventory
  • An online session where you carry out analytical cognitive exercises
  • An in-depth one-on-one interview with a consultant followed by feedback.

During the interview, we discuss your preferred way of working, motivation, development needs, and strengths and limitations. The findings are matched against your business situation and an accurate capability model. This allows us to evaluate your suitability for a specific role or position and predict what development, personally and professionally, will work best for you. The discussion ends with verbal feedback on our findings from your assessment process. These findings form the basis of our recommendations to you and our clients.

In 360 or assessment and development centres our philosophy is the same. Whilst the exercises and tools we use vary, the experience should still be insightful, valuable and transparent.

It is important to us that this process is a positive and constructive experience for you. We want you to leave our offices confident that the day has been of value to both you and our client.