MU announces 2020 results and key milestones

  • A Year in Review

By Sofia Hjort Lönegård

The year of 2020 will of course be remembered through the strain the Covid-19 crisis has put on us all, our company and society. It has required specific attention and actions to protect the company.

This has been handled very successfully. We have been able to secure an uninterrupted delivery of our service to clients, and we are now well prepared to handle the opportunities ahead of us with a very strong and successful team. We are also pleased to share that we now do our most important work in the premium segment, securing the right leaders that will have the most immediate and long-term impact on client’s results.

Key achievements of 2020

  • Our team stayed safe and looked after colleagues and clients alike – without interruption or hesitation.
  • The execution of our strategy has further strengthened our client offering and expertise related to Leadership Acquisition and Advisory. These services are now the major part of our total business.
  • Together with the further enhanced MU Leadership Assessment solution the MU Position Benchmark tool has been launched.
  • Our reach in major markets has increased, whilst focussing our physical footprint to where it matters most.
  • We continued to attract associates around the world and our network is now stronger than ever.

Financially, despite the years many challenges, we achieved:

  • An adjusted EBITDA margin of 1%.
  • Cash flow was close to four million EUR, and cash position 16 million EUR at year end.
  • Lower customer receivables due to more efficient invoicing and payment routines was the main driver to the positive cash flow.
  • The company have 5 million EUR in overdraft facility available.

Read more about 2020 and our plans for 2021 in our ‘Year in Review’ section, including stories from MU colleagues all over the world.

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Sofia Hjort Lönegård
Public Relations, MU 


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