Executive Onboarding

Prepare the ground for a flying start

Mercuri Urval's onboarding process enables your new employees – be they internal or external – to hit the ground running. Our goal is to help them become high-performing, integrated members of your team as quickly as possible. Seamless integration saves money, time and frustration and protects you from the risk of loosing good people.

Accelerates the performance of both new recruits and existing personnel changing roles”

With our insight into the employee's behaviour and performance, as well as into your business, Mercuri Urval can guarantee the effectiveness of an onboarding and a clear return on investment.

Our approach to Executive Onboarding

Executive onboarding accelerates the performance of both new recruits and existing personnel changing roles. Our onboarding programme includes:

  • Setting goals
    A three-way meeting between employee, line manager and Mercuri Urval consultant sets performance goals at the start of employment
  • Understanding the new work environment
    We utilise our selection assessment outputs in our I-SWOT™ tool to help the employee focus on applying their strengths to the new environment
  • Defining clear performance expectations
    Our consultant and the employee develop a 100-day performance plan, which is approved by the line manager or human resources department. With clear performance expectations and objectives in place, the recruit’s progress can be accelerated
  • Taking action
    A three-way coaching session between new recruit, line manager and Mercuri Urval consultant ensures that the 100-day plan is activated effectively. Our consultant makes sure that employee and client benefit fully from the performance plan
  • Analysing performance
    Our consultant, the line manager, and the new recruit review the latter’s performance after approximately six months in order to plan ongoing professional development.