Our Leadership &
Executive Assessment Solutions

A complete view of your leaders' strengths and potential

Bespoke assessment solutions

Mercuri Urval conducts the individual assessment within your business context and in accordance with the specific role and level. We apply our experience in psychometric profiling, cognitive and ability testing, in-depth interviewing and career profiling.

Mercuri Urval is a pioneer in the predictive assessment of people”

Be sure to make the right choice when you recruit, promote or develop an individual. Look beyond formal qualifications and experience. Mercuri Urval can help you assess motivation, ambition and personality traits.

Assessment and Development Centers

Mercuri Urval's assessment and development centres are made for you. Development starts with insight. Our assessment centres – typically run over one, two or three days – provide this. Operating against your capability model or our own, Mercuri Urval assessment and development centres give specific, detailed and practical recommendation to you and your people:

  • What are the capabilities of your people?
  • How can they develop and how quickly?
  • Which career path is best for them and for you?

Multi-source feedback and Business 360 services

Mercuri Urval's Business 360 process allows you to see how you and your staff are perceived in those crucial moments of interaction with clients and colleagues. It identifies areas of development. It measures progress. And it supports the kind of behaviour your business needs to succeed.

We look at your business from your angle. And we look at your people from every angle. We identify managers, peers, subordinates, customers, suppliers and other external stakeholders who may provide valuable insights. Our online 3D™ survey tool generates a detailed map of how the participating individual or group is perceived – using one of our capability models, or a set of questions we build against yours.