Welcome Johannes Pieper

By Johannes Pieper

With the special focus on sustainability and connected challenges Johannes Pieper recently joined Mercuri Urval and their global footprint. Johannes will build our new Sustainability Practice serving company leaders, boards of directors, investors and owners to identify sustainably minded leaders, help to advance leadership capability models for assessment, development, succession planning, compensation, organisational development and leadership acquisition. He will be collaborating with colleagues and clients across sectors globally and continue working with clients in the sectors of cleantech, renewables, smart technology, production and packaging equipment.

In the last 10 years, Johannes had the chance to work within different environments ranging from large corporations to small and medium businesses, in public, private or PE ownerships and has extensively served clients in the sectors of Industrial Technology, Production & Packaging Machinery, Renewable Technologies and Automation Equipment. He brings strong functional expertise in Manufacturing Operations & Operational Excellence as well as in Procurement & Supply Chain. In addition, he has a track record leading projects in Digitalisation and P&L Leadership. Johannes has managed client relationships and projects across EMEA, U.S., China and India.

In Johannes’ own words:

“I am very happy to join Mercuri Urval and support our clients outperform through a strong focus on the triple bottom line leadership approach: people, planet and profit. To future proof any company’s success, it will be essential to have a new type of leadership, starting in the C-Suite, the Board of Directors. These leader’s motivation and mindset needs to be deeply rooted in driving sustainability. They need to make sustainability an integral part of their strategy, creating value and purpose from it while influencing a much larger circle of stakeholders.

Company leaders say they have crucial needs connected to the implementation of Sustainability. They are challenged by society, various stakeholders but especially from clients, that push for more sustainable business. Many suppliers in Automotive say a sustainable footprint is number 2 criterium for OEMs, after price. 

It is no longer enough for a company to have great products, services and profits, there is a strong need to focus on the wider “circle of influence”. It is observed how they operate, how they run their supply chains and what their ability is to advocate for systemic change within their organisation.

Sustainability determines how they will be financially successful, attract talents, investors and customers in the future. In the light of last year’s crisis, many leaders have taken it as a wake-up call realising the risks associated and find ways to respond in an agile way.”

Johannes will conduct global Executive Search & Advisory assignments and cooperate in that with his colleagues and Mercuri Urval clients worldwide.

Johannes, a German national is based in Frankfurt a. M., Germany. He is also a Certified (EBS) Systemic Coach.